Changing an icon

At the heart of Covonia’s success since it has been supported ATL is its consistency, and its courage in resisting change. No other campaign in this sector has endured for so long nor remained so consistently effective in terms of influence over sales and brand growth.

Changing to Grow

Amidst a category that, as a whole, was shrinking, Covonia needed to refresh the brand to disrupt audiences, build awareness and drive home the message that Covonia is relevant to today's target audience.

But as with all brand icons, our biggest challenge would be to preserve the true character of the brand icon – “Stan” the bull – and maintain the no-nonsense ‘you can feel it working’ essence of the brand, whilst at the same time making the most far-reaching changes in the campaign’s history.

Deepening Stan's Story

Our agency creative team worked closely with brand strategy to deliver the changes needed. The idea would be to turn the icon into a full-blown character, and to change the 'power' message to one of 'power + engagement.'

For the first time, extensive strategic work was done to define Stan’s character and his role in how he interacts with consumers and with the brand. We were able to move the role of Stan from that pure brand icon and symbol of strength and towards consumer hero, rescuing sufferers from ‘orrible coughs’.

With 3D CG animations and a redefined ability to interact with consumers, new dimensions of the communications were able to surface, adding an element of storytelling and changing the platform into a product demonstration, with a clear problem-solution structure to each spot.

The Result?

The TV campaign contributed to YOY sales increases of 17% in 2010/2011 and 6% in 2011/2012. Last winter Covonia grew by an impressive 18% despite cough and cold incidence being down -7% YOY. Covonia is yet again the fastest growing major cough medicine brand YOY and has achieved record market share of 26% in winter 2012/13.

Here's what Ed Round, Marketing Manager for Covonia had to say:

“The team at Bray Leino is a great match to the Covonia brand ethos.  They have sought to challenge expectations, excel at communications cut-through and over-deliver in terms of media purchasing.  The brand has continually evolved under their guidance, but at no time has lost the core values which set it apart from its competitors.  The results speak for themselves – consistent retail growth over the past decade; market share has tripled and now fast closing in on becoming the UK’s No.1 cough brand. ”

Covonia Campaign

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