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Delivering brand fame

WKD’s heyday was right in the middle of ‘90s ‘lad’ culture, with infamous TV advertising that was synonymous with its time. But times change, and with it, WKD's relevance.

The challenge was to make WKD relevant to a new audience and put the brand back in growth. Following a brand relaunch, we created a way to take WKD to the masses once more.

Based on the insight that every great party has an instigator, we conceived #BeTheFace: a creative platform to deliver the impact TV fame had in the past in a way that would resonate with today's youth, through largescale experiential at music festivals amplified through social media.

The impact was massive, with significant value and volume sales growth for WKD along with boosts in the key brand health scores - recognition up 25%, 'good to be seen with' up 18% and 'for memorable nights' up 13%.

Most important of all, the campaign helped put the brand back in growth for the first time in 10 years.

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