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What makes you like a brand? New tool reveals how consumers really feel

What bonds consumers to a brand? A new brand index tool from MISSION reveals that some of the world’s best-known brands might be winning at front-of-mind, but fail to secure a place in people’s hearts when it comes to key factors such as Preference and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG).

For brands who might not have the spending power of the deep-pocketed competition, the index identifies opportunities to get closer to consumers. And for the most popular brands, a chance to future-proof.

Facebook is used by 1.73bn people every day, and its advertising business has propelled its valuation to over a trillion dollars. Unsurprisingly, this is a brand which ranks high for awareness, but when it comes to ESG, dependability and preference, Facebook underperforms – both generally and against other online brands. As a consequence, Facebook’s consumer bonding score takes a serious beating. In the next biannual Brand Bonding report it will be interesting to see how this ranking is affected by Facebook’s announcement of Meta.

It’s a similar story for Nike, which performs well for social media and SEO; but when it comes to purpose, preference and ESG, Nike underperforms against the top 10% of brands.

While it might be tempting for brands to look to the big names in their category for inspiration, the factors consumers increasingly consider – consciously or otherwise – are not necessarily baked-in to the bigger brands. Hot topics like ESG and brand purpose will land better with consumers when they’re developed with the brand, rather than as an afterthought.

These new brand rankings come from an innovative consumer insights tool, the MISSION Brand Bonding Index. Developed as a collaborative effort between several MISSION Agencies, the index compares 120 brands spanning nine sectors, from DIY to Utilities. A bespoke machine learning algorithm, led by Bray Leino’s in-house Digital team, analyses the tens of thousands of data points from search engine rankings, social conversations and survey data, to create one of the most comprehensive and accurate assessments of consumers’ attitudes towards brands.

The tool not only reveals general insights on consumer sentiment, but is available to all MISSION Agency Clients looking to see how they specifically measure up against competitor brands and the wider market. To see which brands are leading the way on consumer bonding, visit MISSION's website.

Kate Cox, Bray Leino CEO, says: “This is another brilliant piece of work from our award-winning Digital team and testament to the collaborative power of MISSION Agencies. With consumer expectations and sentiment always changing, these real-time insights will help our Clients’ brands grow.”

For more information on Bray Leino’s work, what we can do for your brand and how our Digital expertise services can innovate in your business, contact Austen Donnellan, Business Development Director.

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