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Simply Does It lands no-nonsense approach

With thousands of brands competing for attention in the physical and virtual space, today’s consumers are in a state of choice and information overload. But straight-up solutions help brands cut through all the noise, with *over half of consumers agreeing that “simple messaging makes me more likely to buy”. So when it came to creating a brand awareness campaign for Simplyhealth, the gift was in the name.

Simplyhealth provides healthcare solutions for individuals and businesses, helping people get and stay healthy, taking pressure off an overloaded NHS. Compared to the competition, Simplyhealth is refreshingly no-nonsense – from what you get to how you claim. Our campaign, Simply Does It, lands that. Simply.

A series of national radio ads recreates everyday confusion we can all relate to: sitting through automated phone services or just settling on a bread choice for a buttie. While these situations are overwhelming, the benefits of Simplyhealth – like 24/7 GP access or cashback on treatments – are clear. Because when it comes to what matters – our health – simply does it.

Out Of Home posters present the benefits of a Simplyhealth plan in big, bold print, with no room for misunderstanding. And supporting formats on social media continue the theme.

Katie Wadey, Chief Growth and Product Officer at Simplyhealth says: “We take pride in being simple and straightforward with our products and our communication so Bray Leino’s less-is-more approach to our brand and messaging is the perfect vehicle to drive awareness.”

Kate Cox, CEO, says: “In our years working with healthcare brands, we’ve witnessed the evolution of the marketing landscape. But by far the biggest changes have occurred over the past three years, with the pandemic prompting people to take a more proactive approach to their health. Last year, we commissioned a significant piece of healthcare marketing research, those insights allowed us to plan a campaign which is a perfect fit for both brand and today’s consumer.”

Simply Does It launched in late November 2022 and ran to the end of the year.

To find out how Bray Leino can drive growth for your healthcare brand, contact Adam Holder, Managing Partner.

* Foresight Factory ‘Pure & Simple’ trend analysis. Dec 2021

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