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There's no & in Health & Wellbeing

Is the retail environment driving an over-simplification of a complex category? Typically, retailers like Boots separate health from wellbeing in physical and digital store layout. But recent *research reveals the extent to which health & wellbeing are linked across various consumer and patient groups, presenting an opportunity for marketers prepared to take a more holistic approach.

To understand people's changing attitudes to health and wellbeing, we asked a nationwide *sample to define the two terms. While health can be easily defined and categorised between physical and mental, wellbeing proved trickier to define, generally associated with a sense of satisfaction.

In the fast moving and ever changing sphere of healthcare, we’ve stopped to take a moment to consider what health & wellbeing really mean.

The first article of our new healthcare marketing series explores the blurring of lines between health & wellbeing and the implications this may have on some of the established conventions and beliefs within the category.

The insight, developed by two of our leading strategists, is based on our exclusive *research with Solaris Health into the evolving healthcare market in the post-pandemic era. Sign-up to Healthcare Now for full details on the insight, along with perspectives from technology, strategy and market research specialists, and key stats and comments from the research.

Did you know? 1 in 3 people say health & wellbeing is a top priority. But 43% can only prioritise it when "life allows them to". This equates to 22.2 million people in the UK.


Access the full article, There's No '&' in Health & Wellbeing, here.

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*State of the Nation Wellness Report, QuMind, June 2022. Commissioned by Bray Leino and Solaris Health.

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