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Humble health ambitions should challenge our thinking

Are healthcare brands missing an opportunity to make meaningful connections with audiences? Our *research suggests people are asking for less than we think, challenging overclaim and inflated promises in brand communications.

Our qualitative research suggests that mental stability and freedom from illness are fundamental associations with better health and wellbeing. There is something surprising and elegantly modest in these ambitions. They highlight a belief that good physical and mental health are about equilibrium and status quo; ‘normality’ rather than achieving an optimised existence.

This revelation of a more realistic ambition poses some interesting questions for brands and businesses operating in this space.

The finding is based on our nationwide study of 1000 people, exploring attitudes and behaviours around healthcare in the post-pandemic era. The research, conducted in collaboration with Solaris Health, was carried out by independent research Agency, QuMind, and the key insights are explored across a series of eight articles, Healthcare Now.

Did you know? For physical health specifically, ‘to feel fit and strong’ is the core desired outcome of any actions taken (54% of respondents). A lack of energy (47%), time (39%) and expense (36%) are the biggest challenges to taking a proactive role in health and wellbeing.

Access the full article, Humble health ambitions should challenge our thinking, for more information, stats and perspectives on these findings.

For more information on how we can drive growth for your healthcare brand, contact Sam Crocker, Managing Partner.

*State of the Nation Wellness Report, QuMind, June 2022. Commissioned by Bray Leino and Solaris Health.

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