Changing Looks For Attracting Attention

Iconic lip care brand Blistex has been around for over 60 years and in that time, they have transformed lip care to create a range of products that help lips stay beautifully healthy. Blistex had an excellent reputation as a medicated lip cream, but hadn’t been able to take full advantage of the growth in ‘everyday’ lip cosmetic products, so they decided to create a stronger branded pack design that promoted a range of consumer benefits.

Appealing To Eyes And Lips

Our strategic planning and design experts went to work straight away by getting together to look at how the pack design could communicate more than the brand to shoppers glancing across the shelves. We focused on improving shelf impact to attract the attention of new customers and help them make the right lip care choice quickly and easily.

To do this across eight SKUs in the Blistex product range, we used these insights to simplify the decision process and segmented the range into three groups: ‘Daily Care’ ‘Medicated’ and ‘Cosmetic’.

This change would help shoppers understand the range of products, their benefits and how they relate to one another. We then determined a visual language that would communicate product ingredients and highlight their benefits to women who want to achieve a healthy, natural glow to their lips.

We used illustrations to capture both the benefit and the essence of each item in the range. Daily Care products were given a soothing feel. Medical packs took inspiration from scientific illustrations. And flavour cues and fun were the key aspects for the Cosmetic products.

The result?

The new packaging and designed product range went on sale and immediately caught the eyes (and lips!) of the target market, leading to a lip-smacking 14% YOY growth.

Here's what Antonia Goldring, Brand Manager for Blistex had to say:

“We love the fresh new look Bray Leino has created. It clearly gets across the benefits of each product while making them all feel part of the same brand.”

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