Pitch Positive Pledge


Bray Leino among first Agencies to sign the Pitch Positive Pledge

We love pitching – the buzz of activity in the lead-up, the teamwork, and the flurry of what we like to call creativenergy®. But as our industry, like so many others, seriously wakes up to our impact on the environment and our people’s well-being, the pitch process is facing increasing scrutiny. We are proud to be among the first UK Agencies to recognise the need for change by signing the IPA’s Pitch Positive Pledge.

The pledge brings together ISBA, the IPA, their members and intermediaries to focus on making the pitch process more intentional, accountable and responsible for both advertisers and Agencies, driving better outcomes including more transparency, better mental health and so better quality work, fewer costs and less wastage. By signing the pledge we are amongst the first Agencies committing to drive forward some of the key changes that need to be made.

Care for the environment and our people’s well-being are two of Bray Leino’s ‘cultural pillars’ – which means they are integral to the way we operate as a business and employer. The Pitch Positive Pledge unites both our Green and Wellness agendas and is a fantastic new initiative for change within our industry.

You can read more about the Pitch Positive Pledge and view the full list of Pitch Positive Pledge signatories on the official website.

To find out more about our culture and ways of working, contact Austen Donnellan, Business Development Director.

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