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Taking the bull by the horns: dialling up commercial creativity

At No.2 in the cough category, Covonia had firm designs on the top spot. But high spending competitors, new and unique product propositions, a more youthful audience, and retailer range rationalisations threatened further growth.

The Challenge was to harness the virtues at the heart of product and brand, to talk to a bigger audience through distinctive, meaningful, category-challenging creative.

Unearthing an attitudinal audience insight that set the Covonia audience apart, we used the core brand asset of the bull to create a synergy between the resilient consumer and the core product attributes of power, strength and determination.

Covonia outperformed every other brand in the market in terms of value and volume growth.

Sales increased 25% and market share grew.

ROI exceeded IRI sector benchmarks and the campaign won multiple industry leading awards.

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