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Vine #lifehacks for effective student living

Our creative bods have been busy with UNITE, the UK’s leading student accommodation provider, creating a series of Vine video #lifehacks.

Vine is quickly gaining traction as a promotional tool, with the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts using it to create short TV ads, and brands like Nissan harnessing its crowdsourcing potential to bring consumers into the creative marketing process.


Working with brands like UNITE, we try to engage their young, tech-savvy audience through new and emerging channels. Where they go, that’s where we go, so staying on top of the latest trends in digital and social is a fundamental part of our day job.



UNITE are using Vine here to deliver nuggets of hard-won student living wisdom. Becoming a student, leaving home for the first time, can often involve a steep learning curve, a transition UNITE aims to make as painless as possible; so these handy snippets of advice are another way we can make student life that little bit easier.


 View more #lifehacks here.

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