Lindt Gold Bunny

This Easter it’s personal

There’s an Easter treat with your name on it! This year shoppers can customise Lindt’s signature seasonal offering, The Lindt Gold Bunny, for free as part of a nationwide personalisation campaign.

In an increasingly competitive Easter market, Lindt wanted to reinvigorate the Lindt Gold Bunny in the category and up the game with retailers, grabbing shoppers’ attention with a great reason to buy.

The campaign, ‘This Easter, Make Yours Personal’, taps into the trend for personalisation, adding value to the iconic bunny with the opportunity to make every one unique. Shoppers can select a Lindt Gold Bunny from a range of different sizes in-store, then customise theirs for free with a bespoke ribbon ordered after purchase.

The online journey is as easy and instant as filling out a form on a smartphone en route from the checkout to the car park. A specially-designed web app, created in-house, translates the influx of orders to the printer. And we found a fulfilment centre able to provide the quantity of personalised ribbons required, within budget, without skimping on quality.

All this made cost-effective delivery of a large-scale personalisation campaign possible. And, unlike most brands’ personalisation campaigns, this offer comes at no extra cost to shoppers.

Early bird Easter shoppers have the chance to create something extra special and unique. And with the run dates also covering Mother’s Day, there were bunnies for mummies too. A variety of gifting opportunities gives shoppers several chances to take advantage of the offer, and adds emotional value to the Lindt Gold Bunny.

Supported by social and in-store stands, the campaign brings the Lindt Gold Bunny out from the busy Easter shelves and in-front of shoppers, on their phones and, ultimately, in their homes. Making it their own.

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