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The art of marketing mixology

Jägermeister challenged us to create an idea that would introduce consumers to its more sophisticated long serves, and work across both the on and off trade. We created a strategic promotion, in partnership with Shazam, to boost in-store sales and drive consumers into pubs and bars to try Jägermeister cocktails.

In-store, bottle wraps invited supermarket shoppers to discover a gift - a free Root 56 Jägermeister cocktail - using a Shazam code which led them to participating bars.

A great offer for consumers, and strategically smart, because consumers could sample Jägermeister Root56 for free, without having to buy all the cocktail ingredients.

So, a win for the supermarkets. A win for the pubs. A win for the brand. And maybe one of the only times an in-store promotion has been used to boost both on and off trade.

More than two million people have sampled the supporting social campaign, boosting awareness of the promotion and delivering cocktail-making advice on Jägermeister long-serves, while 600,000 have educated themselves on how to make a Root56 cocktail on YouTube.

Why not give it a try?


Our CEO Kate Cox said: “This campaign influences consumer behaviour way beyond the domain of a traditional in-store activation. It’s also an innovative creative strategy that benefits both on and off trade stakeholders with a single promotion.”

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