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The 2020 Food & Drink Report

In a year of unimaginable change, what can we learn from shoppers' response to Lockdown, and what are the wider, longterm trends in the food and drink market?

For the past four years, Bray Leino has conducted nationwide research into consumers' food and drink habits, outlining the key findings and observations in our annual Food & Drink Report. This year's survey coincided with the beginning of Lockdown, providing an insight into the immediate effect on UK shopper behaviour, as well as exploring broader trends.

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Choice morsels to whet your appetite:

The Lockdown lowdown

Food waste matters more, and there’s been a surge in cooking from scratch. The 55+ group are least likely to have changed their behaviour as a result of Lockdown; 18-34s are most likely.

Flexitarianism grows

The flexitarian diet is the UK’s fastest growing diet choice. Meanwhile most other, more
rigid diets are on the decline, including veganism, which last year stagnated and this year has dropped.

Bored of Brexit?

Brexit may lead to increased supermarket prices and reduced choice. Leavers still
tend to think such impacts are worth accepting; Remainers, unsurprisingly, tend to think they’re unacceptable. But this year both sides are softening a little, with a marked shift towards the middle ground.

No drink? No problem

Any social stigma once associated with not drinking is dissipating, as both teetotalism and non-alcoholic drink consumption are on the rise, driven by the younger market.

Re-use, reduce, recycle

Packaging remains a concern for the majority of shoppers, with increasing numbers avoiding items wrapped in non-recyclable plastic. There has been a significant increase in the purchase of reusable cups and bottles.

Dairy has boomeranged

There has been a drop in the numbers avoiding dairy and lactose respectively, back to the 2018 figures. Increasing numbers of consumers have tried milk substitutes such as nut milks, but the amount of milk/milk substitutes they drink has reduced.


To learn more about these findings and many more, including what consumers care about, health & diet habits, and key marketing trends, Get the Bray Leino 2020 Food & Drink Report.

Bray Leino has been helping food and drink brands understand and navigate the changing tastes and preferences of British consumers for over 40 years. To find out how our team of communications experts can help you, please contact Austen Donnellan, Business Development Director.

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