The 2019 Food & Drink Report

Hold the front page⁠—the vegan fad is flatlining, dairy’s accelerating downhill and shoppers have had their fill of plastic. Three years into our annual Food and Drink Report, the figures speak for themselves…

The 2019 Food & Drink Report examines UK shoppers’ attitudes towards how they shop, eat and drink. While the inaugural report outlined regional differences, last year’s findings explored key food and drink trends across the UK; this year, we look at how these trends have developed and, of course, the changing influence of Brexit.

The 2019 Food & Drink Report reveals the supermarket is the new Brexit battleground, with Remainers and Leavers divided in their outlooks towards price, quality, and the importance of buying British. But while Brexit highlights our extremes, we’re seeing a trend for moderation in the continued decline of alcohol consumption, the popularity of the flexitarian diet, and the plateauing of the vegan trend. Animal welfare and single-use plastics are common concerns for shoppers. Overall we’re seeing a more mindful shopper, with women blazing the trail.

Click here to download the 2019 Food & Drink Report.

Bray Leino has been helping food and drink brands understand and navigate the changing tastes and preferences of British shoppers for over 40 years. This report is a summary of our 2019 food and drink survey findings. For further insights and data tailored to your specific needs, or to find out how our team of communications experts can help you, please contact Austen Donnellan.

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