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Oscar Mayer

Taking brand engagement on the road

A household name since 1883, the Oscar Mayer brand is well known for making food delicious and fun. In 1963, Oscar Mayer took the fun even further with the creation of the very first Wienermobile. The 27-foot-long hotdog on wheels brought on a new way to engage consumers: mobile marketing. 


Tasked with creating a holistic integrated experience, we created a program for fans to follow the Wienermobiles on their cross-country tour, dubbed the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Run, while earning points through social media and real world touchpoints. 


Bray Leino Juice built a responsive website to serve as the communication hub for the three-month promotion, allowing fans to engage with the Wienermobiles and deliver messages and challenges via Twitter and Instargram. 

the results

With nearly 7 million impressions from Twitter and Instagram alone, user generated content provided an opportunity for the brand to connect with fans everywhere. The campaign and the Wienermobile Run itself was incredibly successful, with high engagement on social from both the cross-country followers and the teams themselves including over 75,000 photos shared. The program was a SABRE Award finalist for Experiential Marketing.

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