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Plenty of brands ‘do’ social. Only a few brands do social well. We like to think that Pro Plus is one of them. It’s the original, and still the most popular, caffeine tablet. In 2016, the brand owners Lanes Health, one of our oldest Clients, asked us to help them boost sales.

The Pro Plus audience heartland is students 18-25. During exam and deadline pinch-points Pro Plus relieves temporary tiredness, helping students stay awake so that they can nail their work, ‘Like a PRO’.

That’s how ‘Like a PRO’ became the creative platform for a year-long social and digital content strategy, brought to life by our in-house social creative team.

We used our own experiences of student life to create content strands and posts around relatable student issues like revision, money, accommodation and nightlife. Each with its own smart, funny way to nail it like a PRO.

  • The broomstick had a pin on the end, which Leon (pictured) came close to having embedded in his skull. Also, their flat is still covered in confetti. 


  • To get believable natural reactions we had to scare our own people. They’ve forgiven us… mostly.

  • Real-time monitoring meant that negative responses could quickly be nipped in the bud and turned into a positive by our pithy, always-on social media team.


We combined spontaneous social ideas with planned content based on the academic calendar, along with a digital six-sheet campaign in student unions, to ensure the brand got full exposure and maximum engagement across the year.

In its first 12 months, this ongoing campaign has reached over eight million people, beating the industry benchmark for engagement and organically doubling the number of post likes – a good indicator of increased brand affection.

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of all this, we saw a 10% increase in value sales, from Jan – Nov 2017 vs. Jan – Nov 2016.

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