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Smokefree South West’s new outdoor creative

In August we added three new executions to our on-going ‘Wise-up to Rollups’ campaign with our client Smokefree South West.

The outdoor ads evoke a tone that runs throughout the campaign, the design reminiscent of traditional hand rolling tobacco pouches.

Roll ups are inordinately popular among smokers in the South West, and many roll up smokers puff away under the misapprehension that they are less harmful than their pre-rolled cousins.

In fact they are every bit as nasty; a message that this campaign delivers clearly.

So nasty in fact, that the three new additions to the campaign list further serious health problems that smokers risk; Dementia, Blindness and Tumour. These in addition to the existing health messages already in circulation; Amputation, Stroke and Impotence. While TV and radio activity for the campaign continues to drive excellent recognition and awareness across the region.

To date, 'Wise-up to Roll-ups' has resulted in an increase of 30% in smokers who agree that hand rolling tobacco is as bad for their health as manufactured cigarettes; and in the distribution of over 10,000 'Wise-up' pouches to hand-rolled tobacco users who want to quit smoking.

Say no to cigarettes. Yes, of course that means roll ups too! For more information, visit: www.wiseupandquit.co.uk

To read more about our work with Smokefree South West, visit: http://www.brayleino.co.uk/SmokeFree

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