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Research: The trouble with bubbles

Are we riding a wave of spirulina and cacao nibs consumption? Is ‘craft’ really all that? Do we think we’re getting healthier as a nation? Is turmeric a trend or a fad? Do people outside London value Britishness more than in the Capital?

A year on since the EU referendum exposed striking regional divides in behaviour, we've published a detailed Report on what people in the UK really think about the food and drink in our lives.

‘The Trouble with Bubbles’ examines regional attitudes and behaviours, comparing remain-voting London with the North East and North Wales, two places Brexit was strongly supported.

The Report covers attitudes towards British foods, health and wellness, food fads, trends and how food and drink brands are marketed. It reveals a number of important insights on the UK food and drink map that anyone involved in the industry needs to take notice of.

Download it here:  

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