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Research shows mums’ dramatically different attitudes to head lice

New mums are so anxious about head lice, they’re less likely to tell the school when their children catch them. That’s the worrying discovery revealed by our research with over 500 parents by leading head lice brand Hedrin. It’s also the inspiration behind Hedrin’s highly unexpected new campaign.

Two kinds of mums, two views of head lice

Research explored the views of two different mum segments with a clear shared goal, but very different feelings:

  • ‘Anxious new mums’ first time users of head lice treatments, with strongly negative feelings
  • ‘Resigned mums’ who had faced head lice before and accepted the issue as a mild annoyance

Anxious mums feel a real stigma around their children’s head lice – so they’re less likely to tell the school (bad news for other mums). They feel disappointed, nervous, panicky even. They are willing to pursue a cure immediately, and more likely to treat their child on suspicion rather than hard evidence.

Resigned mothers see head lice as an ongoing problem, a fact of life. They’re more interested in preventative measures like regular checks, combing and tying back hair.

Ending the drama

As category leader, Hedrin is the natural brand to help tackle the anxiety problem for new mums, and its robust product line gives experienced mums the choice of treatments they need.

‘Hedrin. No Drama.’  is Bray Leino’s category-changing new brand platform for Hedrin. to tackle the anxiety challenge head on. The TV and press campaign brings it to life, supported by a simplified product range with easy-to-follow usage guidance.

Now, more than ever, the brand can claim to be the trusted advisor and source of easy to use, effective treatments.


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