Regional family business to national brand

How do we help a small family cider maker become a national brand? By leveraging the values that make the brand relevant beyond its regional heartland.


A Somerset-based family business offering integrity and craftsmanship in a category
dominated by big corporates with huge resources and mass production capabilities
90% own label bias, with margin challenges Thatcher’s Gold a little known brand with
limited distribution beyond its South-West heartland Growth ambition but also a commitment to pass a secure legacy onto the next generation.

our approach

Deliver mass awareness via carefully targeted TV, social media and outdoor in the product and in the brand personality and behaviours

Develop a series of clearly defined growth strategy steps, fixing a target and ROI for
each stage of investment.

Deliver mass awareness via carefully targeted TV, social media and outdoor.

Build media coverage region by region as distribution increases.

commercial success

Withdrawal from own-label to focus on Thatcher’s Gold, achieving national distribution. 

Thatchers has become the second largest on-trade cider brand and remains the UK’s fastest growing cider brand.

2008 – 2014 turnover increased from £22m to well over £50m.

  • Profit margins above 15%
  • ROI £3.20 return on every £1 spent

“Bray Leino is more of a business partner than a communications Agency. They have the commitment and commercial aptitude to understand and tackle the challenges we face, while helping us stay true to what we believe in”
Martin Thatcher, CEO and Owner

Thatchers Campaign 3

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