Putting a trusted brand back on top

Wylex is a heritage brand in electrical circuit protection; recognised, respected, trusted.

Facing competition, both domestically and from cheaper foreign imports, they asked us to help boost brand awareness back up to where it belonged.

We needed to remind the market why they were so trusted. So we looked for compelling reasons for customers to choose Wylex.

And found hundreds of them.

This sparked a visually disruptive, highly flexible brand-boosting campaign, communicating over 120 years of industry-leading innovation through print and digital.

And when the 18th Edition annual seminar on electrical installation regulation was beamed to electricians in cinemas across the UK, we premiered the brand’s first ever cinema ad, ‘Reasons to Choose Wylex’.

The result? Precisely what was intended. The brand has charged back to the top spot for awareness in its category.

Wylex Reasons Screenshot 3 Website 880X495

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