Painful viewing? Anything but

The topical pain relief market has become increasingly competitive, with a clutch of options now open to consumers looking for targeted relief without pills.

Advertising in the category tends toward the safe ground of problem/solution – a person has a muscle pain in an everyday scenario, but thanks to x product, they can play tennis/dance/do the gardening once again.

Our new ad for Ibuleve, beautifully animated by Aardman, plays on the insight that we’re quick to moan about everyday aches and pains, but slow to do anything about them.

This absurdity of inaction is framed in the context of a Renaissance style painting, replete with a couple of distinctly unheroic heroes, an admonishing goddess and a posh ox.

It’s great fun, hugely disruptive, and relieves the category from wince-inducing copy.


Painful viewing? Anything but

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