The Roost

Our unofficial exhibition space for North Devon artists

To find creative inspiration, you need the right space. Scientists say natural green spaces, like the ones here in Devon, make you calmer, healthier and more creative.

We agree. And so do lots of famously creative people (like Charles Dickens, Damien Hirst, J.K. Rowling) who have found inspiration here.

At our North Devon office in Filleigh, surrounded by nature, hills, moors and beaches, we’ve built a creative space. We call it ‘The Roost’.

It’s somewhere for us to get together, to eat, drink, laugh, or sometimes just a place to go for some quiet contemplation. Natural wood, high ceilings, a range kitchen, and views onto the rolling countryside; it’s designed to inspire creative thinking.

That’s why, every quarter, we invite a different local artist to fill The Roost’s walls and alcoves with their work.

Our current featured artist is abstract painter Claire Scott. Her 14 works currently on display take inspiration from the patterns she sees in life and the natural world.

To find out more, watch the video above.

Our unofficial exhibition space for North Devon artists

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