Kaleidoscopic new TV ad launches Apple & Blackcurrant as The Perfect Mix

Our animated ad for Thatchers’ new Apple & Blackcurrant is a visual and sonic tribute to The Perfect Mix.

Thatchers Cider is a family business which has grown into a major player in the national cider market. The brand platform, Perfection in Every Drop, runs throughout every product in their growing range, so when it comes to making a splash on the fruit cider scene, Thatchers’ offering had to be The Perfect Mix.

The Kaleidoscopic visuals of the new television commercial demonstrate the perfect blending of flavours and expertise to produce not just an apple & blackcurrant cider, but Thatchers’ apple & blackcurrant cider.

With the tasty new SKU appealing to a younger audience than traditional cider drinkers, the bold, graphic, almost hypnotic visuals of this new ad are inspired by club VJ graphics. We recruited London producer and founder of F18 Music Academy, Kaey, to mix a track fitting for the audience and scored to the action, bringing another level of ownability. The result is a sonic and visual expression of the perfect mix, which feels both relevant to the audience and refreshing within the category.

As well as the commissioned music track, the audio comprises intricate and crafted layers of sound, seamlessly blended, and rounded off with Thatchers’ sonic branding apple drop at the end of the spot.

Executive Creative Director, Nicola Roberts, says: “we wanted to create an idea that bought to life the perfect fusion of the two flavours. So all the ingredients of the creative process were carefully selected – from bringing London producer, Kaey, on board for the music mix to working with Found, who are recognised for their distinctive, clean, contemporary house style; we knew they would deliver the perfect execution for our idea.”

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cider maker, says: “We wanted a fresh approach to fruit cider that would inject excitement and energy into the category. Thatchers Apple & Blackcurrant is already demonstrating how it is doing just that, having taken a top five fruit cider spot just 12 weeks after being released!

“To enhance this momentum, we needed an advert that could capture that frisson and make viewers feel the full fruitiness of the cider before even taking their first sip, while also maintaining our brand integrity. By working with Bray Leino the delightful result is Kaleidoscope, a visual and audio journey that is as flavourful as the cider itself. We’re excited to see this campaign drive appeal and bring cider to new audiences for the first time.”

The Perfect Mix launched on TV on 29 April and will be supported by an out of home campaign, including megasites like Manchester Picadilly’s 32x14m, and thermal social activity activated in good weather.

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