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(Mind the) Gender Gap: how men and women manage their health differently

For an industry striving for equal and real representation between genders in advertising, what happens when there are clear distinctions between the attitudes and behaviours of men and women? How do we lean into this without sidestepping into the world of stereotyping and bias? Our research shows that gender influences how people manage their health – both mentally and physically.

The fourth instalment in our Healthcare Now series uncovers several of the key differences between men and women in the healthcare space – from the motivations and barriers to managing physical health, to the conscious vs. instinctive. Based on our exclusive research, the findings reveal how men tend to prioritise their health and wellbeing while women can feel hampered by the demands of day-to-day life. We also found that men’s proactive approach to managing their mental health and wellbeing is instinctive, while women make a mindful behavioural effort; where men are more mindful in managing mental health is in their avoidance of social media. With so many brands investing in social platforms to connect with their audience, the rise of more authentic content is a trend to watch.

The findings are based on our nationwide *study of 1000 people, exploring attitudes and behaviours around healthcare in the post-pandemic era. The research, conducted in collaboration with Solaris Health, was carried out by independent research Agency, QuMind, and the key insights are explored across our content series, Healthcare Now.

Did you know?

  • 18% of men avoid social media for the sake of their mental health, statistically higher than women.
  • 54% of women make an effort to get a good nights’ sleep to look after their mental health.
  • 42% of women suggest that they don’t have the energy to take a more proactive role in their physical health, compared to 26% of men.

Read the full article, (Mind the) Gender Gap, for more information, stats and perspectives on these findings.

For more information on how we can drive growth for your healthcare brand, contact Sam Crocker, Managing Partner.

*State of the Nation Wellness Report, QuMind, June 2022. Commissioned by Bray Leino and Solaris Health.

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