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Meet the SKREI, Norway’s fish of love

SKREI® (pronounced Skray) has long been a delectable fishy delicacy among the people of Norway. This migratory cod, only available between January and April, journeys thousands of miles each year from the Barents Sea to the Lofoten Islands off the coast of Norway, where it’s met with great excitement and celebration by the locals.

SKREI® is so special it even has its own grading standard, having to meet a host of stringent quality standards, so only the very best cod qualify to have the special branded tag attached to their dorsal fin.

And SKREI® has arrived in the UK.

To launch the arrival of the first SKREI® for the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) in the UK, we arranged for Simon Hulstone, a Michelin-starred chef from The Elephant in Torquay and a Roux Scholar, to travel to Norway, land his very own fish and witness the full SKREI® journey from start to finish. (Watch his fishing adventure above.)

Upon his return from the cold clear waters of Norway, Simon delivered a SKREI® to The Food Hall in London’s Harrods, which will be stocking Norwegian SKREI® for the duration of the season.

Norwegian media were on hand to interview Simon, alongside Harrods’ Head of Fish and the Norwegian Minister of Fishing. The people of the UK were about to get their first taste of the season of Norway’s iconic fish of love.

However, there are still discussions to be had around many of the issues surrounding fish stocks and the wider European fishing industry. So we gathered the great and good of Europe’s fishing industries in London’s Grosvenor Hotel for the ‘Norwegian Seafood Summit 2014’. Ministers, buyers, retailers and industry stakeholders all met to discuss export statistics and industry issues, helping each other build a detailed picture of the year ahead.

The fishing industry is a vital component of the economy of Norway, and the NSC was created in 1991 to promote Norwegian seafood products throughout the world. Today, the organisation has 13 offices around the globe, and the UK is a key market, especially for salmon and white fish; mouth-watering cod and haddock that are sustainably-caught and frozen at sea to lock in freshness. Norway is also a key source of sustainable fish for the UK fish & chip industry.

Following the Summit, guests were invited to an exclusive luncheon at the exquisite residence of the Norwegian Ambassador. Simon Hulstone presided over the kitchen, cooking a SKREI® dish that he’d perfected during his time in Norway.

A key component of the lunch was a live video link with the North Norway working port of Myre.

This elegantly demonstrated to the assembled dignitaries the importance of the SKREI®, and its impressive journey all the way from Barents Sea to the plates in front of them. Norway’s Minster of Fisheries, Elspeth Aspaker used this to conduct an interactive Q&A with working fishermen there, providing a connection with people in Norway for whom the industry in question is vital.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the SKREI®.

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