Launching a prescription brand into the OTC market


Draw on everything that was valuable to Cetraben’s clinical heritage in the prescription space to inform its launch into the newly opened and competitive OTC market.​


Cetraben offers a selection of emollients designed to help with the management of problematic, dry and eczema-prone skin. We identified females aged 24 to 44 as the target audience – while typically averse to thinking they have a 'problem' and only visiting the GP as a last resort, they do place faith in expert advice and recommendation. The solution was to get this audience to recognise that they can easily get prescription quality problematic skin treatment without having to visit their GP.​

In a fragmented market, spanning simple moisturisers and toiletries to high end cosmetics, emollients comprised a cold, sterile and deeply functional corner that lacked emotion or functional points of difference. ​


Cetraben was positioned as 'Your skin our profession' and the launch campaign into the OTC sector was brought to life through the 'as close to your skin as you are' campaign. Micro shots of skin moving to make the familiar become unusual and mesmerising. The TV voice over builds through the delivery of facts to capture attention, all mirrored in the press and online elements of the campaign. ​


Value sales increased by 163% and unit sales by 147% in the 12 months following launch, doubling category share in the face of bigger spending brands such as E45.​

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