Kirsty's story: The real-life effects of smoking

Smokefree South West’s latest anti-smoking campaign enlisted the help of Kirsty. Kirsty is a 33 year old mother from Torbay. After suffering a collapsed lung twice she was diagnosed last year with COPD emphysema, a debilitating condition caused by smoking.

We spent a day with her filming a completely unscripted interview. Her openness and honesty made for some incredibly powerful content, and demonstrates the real life effects of a smoking related illness.

We created a series of short spots to support the wider ‘Be There Tomorrow’ campaign across TV, radio and digital. We hope they will convince more people to give up smoking.

To learn more about this campaign and find lots of helpful information about ways to give up smoking, visit Smokefree South West’s Facebook Page, or the site.

Kirsty's story: The real-life effects of smoking

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