Healthcare Now 5


Is it time to lose the labels in healthcare?

People are emotional creatures. We’re multi-dimensional beings and identify as many different things: parent, wife, daughter, colleague, friend, patient, purchaser, consumer... the list goes on. The point is, we rarely just wear one hat. We rarely sit in one neat little box. Within healthcare we’re unfortunately rarely only suffering or dealing with one thing, so why do we focus so much on the ailment, or the patient, and not the whole person?

The fifth instalment in our Healthcare Now series explores how brands, businesses and advertisers should look beyond the labels in healthcare; people are still people, no matter what their health condition.

Our research shows that there is significant overlap between sufferance of mild, moderate and serious health conditions. This level of multi-layered sufferance will undoubtedly have huge impact on a person’s attitude and behaviour towards their health, and therefore has implications in terms of how well our communications message will resonate.

The findings are based on our nationwide *study of 1000 people, exploring attitudes and behaviours around healthcare in the post-pandemic era. The research, conducted in collaboration with Solaris Health, was carried out by independent research Agency, QuMind, and the key insights are explored across our content series, Healthcare Now.

Did you know?

  • 64% of the UK population are in the healthcare market, either as a consumer or patient.
  • Patients of long term, chronic physical illness try to be mentally stronger: they are noticeably optimistic and focus heavily on their mental health (vs. those that suffer with mild to moderate conditions).

Access the full article, Is It Time to Lose the Labels in Healthcare?, for more information, stats and perspectives on these findings.

For more information on how we can drive growth for your healthcare brand, contact Sam Crocker, Managing Partner.

*State of the Nation Wellness Report, QuMind, June 2022. Commissioned by Bray Leino and Solaris Health.

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