"I do believe he needs Ibuleve"

Our latest creative for Ibuleve, the Ibuprofen-based pain relief gel, has veered away from the kind of functional, clinical advertising you often see in the OTC pain relief market.

Aimed at the over 50s segment, we’re concentrating on the human stories around the very personal consumer issue the brand addresses.

Aches and pains shouldn’t get in the way of people doing the everyday things they enjoy, so we’ve created a series of engaging scenarios where we can apply the catchy new campaign tagline.

“I do believe he needs Ibuleve”.

The ads connect with the audience in a way they can relate to emotionally, adding a touch of humour and helping the brand stick in consumers’ minds.

“This is an interesting and creatively more adventurous avenue for one of the leading brands in this category” says our agency CEO Kate Cox.  “It’s great for our teams to work on something fresh like this, and fulfilling to be able to help an enormously valued Client reinvigorate an already successful and established brand in this way.”

"Big ideas that can run for 10 years don't come along that often," says our Executive Creative Director Jon Elsom. "These spots are the start of such a campaign. A simple, branded formula to rub deep into your funny bone."

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