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Healthcare marketing to the over 55s

By the time you reach 55, if you haven’t had a health scare yourself, you will know someone who has. You become aware that you are not as indestructible as you seemed in your teens and twenties. This combination of long life and increased awareness of its fragility means the over 55s are more proactive with their health and wellbeing...

Our research found that 36% of over 55s agree that ‘taking a proactive role in my health and wellbeing is a top priority in my life’, a significantly higher proportion than younger adults (29% for 18-34s).

The findings are based on our nationwide *study of 1000 people, and carry significant implications for healthcare marketers. In the latest instalment in our Healthcare Now series, we'll explore what's driving this proactivity, the associated attitudes and behaviours, and what it means for businesses and brands operating within this space.

Did you know?

  • Women aged 55+ are the most likely to take medication for their mental health.
  • 9% of those 55+ practise meditation compared with 20% of 18-34s.
  • Older adults are more likely to take supplements or vitamins (38% vs. 25% of 18-34s)

Register for the full article, Healthcare marketing to the over 55s, for more information, stats and perspectives on these findings.

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*State of the Nation Wellness Report, QuMind, June 2022. Commissioned by Bray Leino and Solaris Health.

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