Groundbreaking new product launch empowers postmenopausal women

We don’t talk about the menopause enough. So we certainly don’t talk about vaginal atrophy – better known as vaginal dryness, even though it affects half of all post-menopausal women (that’s over 5 million UK women). This lack of conversation means many women suffer in silence; our empowering campaign for Gina seeks to change that.

Gina is the first over-the-counter product to treat the cause of postmenopausal vaginal atrophy and the first form of HRT to be available without prescription. By delivering a small dose of oestrogen exactly where it’s needed, Gina helps restore moisture and treat symptoms like soreness, itching and burning, and discomfort during sex. We are proud to have been involved from the early stages, developing the name and brand identity, along with a high profile integrated launch campaign: Have you heard about Gina?

The campaign follows four years of research and brand development, understanding attitudes towards vaginal dryness, along with symptoms and impact on women’s lives. Our insights revealed that many women don’t seek help for vaginal dryness and instead suffer in silence and discomfort, with knock-on effects on their self-esteem and very real consequences for their intimate relationships; in worst case scenarios, it can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

• 89% of women don’t know what vaginal atrophy means, and even those suffering with the symptoms don’t identify themselves as having VA
• Pain, discomfort and impact on sex life are the core issues
• Only 2 in 5 women are aware of any treatments
• Around one in five women would not discuss it with anyone
[Ragdoll tracking research November 2019 (2000 women)]

Have you heard about Gina? Tackles the uncomfortable truth head-on, introducing vaginal dryness as a common problem which needs to be discussed. The cinematic TVC kicks off the conversation: we see a woman open up during a phone call with a friend, the understanding friend responds to land the campaign line ‘Have you heard about Gina?’, providing hope and inviting more women to take action. Print and digital ads feature the water imagery we developed for the packaging, with the campaign line handwritten for a personal touch. A trade campaign brings focus to the brand through a bathroom in-situ pack shot, always delivering the pivotal campaign line.

The memorable and human product name sets Gina apart from the competition and, crucially, is easy to say – important for a product that women need to ask for in the pharmacy. And the discreet but distinctive pack design features calming hues which resonated with women who appreciated the femininity but were fed up of pinks.

Education around vaginal dryness is key, so we have also created an informative website to help women understand more about the condition and how Gina can help:

Because this product has the potential to transform women’s lives, our high-impact media campaign sets out to ensure the answer to Have you heard about Gina? Is a resounding yes. Predicted to reach over 65% of our target audience over six times, the campaign launched in September in print and online across Hearst titles Good Housekeeping, Prima, and Red and across the Mail Metro Media Group, including their You Supplement, along with an exciting takeover of the Femail channel on World Menopause Day (18 October 2022). The TV ad launching in October appears across the likes of Loose Women and key dramas.

The campaign will be supported throughout by social and paid search layering up additional comms and reaching sufferers on their research journey.

Lisa Axon, HRT Franchise Manager at Novo Nordisk Ltd says: “We are delighted with the whole Gina campaign that Bray Leino has created. At Novo Nordisk we’re committed to pioneering treatments which can change the lives of people. People who were previously only able to get treatment from their GP now have Gina as an easily available option. We are confident that Gina can contribute to the growing movement empowering women to not only manage, but to thrive after menopause.”

Kate Cox, CEO, says: “For a long time women have had to push for support and information around the menopause and HRT, often feeling isolated and alone in an experience 50% of the population will go through in some way. Gina is revolutionising HRT and Have You Heard About Gina brings an important conversation into people’s homes, emphasising that talking has the power to change lives.”

For more information on how Bray Leino can drive growth through creativenergy® for your healthcare brand, contact Adam Holder, Managing Partner.

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