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Gold in the IPM Awards 2014 with Freederm

We’ve won another Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Gold Award this year, on top of our multiple haul in 2013, this time for our work on Freederm’s Rip to Win social media campaign. Based on Freederm’s 2013 TV campaign (which we also came up with), where a pair of teenagers ‘ripped’ their way to freedom and a cracking good night out, we devised the idea of a Facebook game that could be ripped to reveal goodies.

Players would win a £10 voucher that could be redeemed in Costa Coffee for all the hot (or cold) drinks and muffins they could squeeze in for under a tenner.

We designed the Rip To Win app on Facebook so that whether our young audience played on their laptop, tablet or mobile, they’d enjoy an optimal experience.

It was the perfect ‘little bit of freedom’ that could be enjoyed mid-Saturday afternoon down the shops, or as an excuse for a catch-up with a mate after college on Facebook or Twitter.

With the simple-yet-strangely-addictive gameplay, it drove impressive numbers in a short space of time.

Congratulations to all involved, and well done IPM for putting on a ripping good night!

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