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Freederm demonstrates solidarity with teenage audience following shock JLS split

We were as distraught as anyone at the announcement of JLS’ shock split last week, and wanted to take the opportunity to help one of our clients, Freederm, reach out to their inconsolable teenage audience.

Within hours of the news breaking, our creative team had whipped up a mock commemorative JLS special edition Freederm tissue box and released it through the brand’s Twitter and Facebook accounts in a show of support and solidarity with upset teenagers everywhere.

The response was dramatic; generating massive engagement and sharing across the brand’s Facebook and Twitter streams.

In answer to a flurry of questions, exclamations and enquiries about the tissues from impressed JLS fans, Freederm explained that, “they’re for anyone worried that their heart won’t beat again”, a reference to the band’s pop classic hit ‘Beat Again’.

“I’ve just asked for JLS tissues in Superdrug, my daughter told me you did them”, tweeted one disgruntled mother. Sorry @teddycoco, you can’t get them anywhere, yet.

However, the level of interest these fictitious commemorative tissues quickly generated has led some of us to question who the next high profile boy-band split might feature. Answers on a postcard…

“Omg can you get these? In need!” responded one fan. “I’m still so sad I can’t take it! Need these,” said another, while a number of users pointed out that the tissues would make an excellent accessory for fans travelling to see the band’s farewell tour in December.

Stay strong JLS fans, Freederm shares your pain.

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