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The Roost

Devon's awesome new hangout, 'The Roost'

We've refitted an unused loft space in one of our Devon HQ buildings to create an awesome communal area for staff, ‘The Roost’. Built entirely through local suppliers, it includes a massive purpose-built dining table that comfortably sits 28, a fully equipped kitchen, integrated digital sound system, seated booths, a soft seating reading area and hi-def retractable projector screen.

The Roost has been designed to inspire creativity, and act as a focal point for teams to gather and unwind, watch films or sporting events, have meals and generally socialise.

It's an on-going project. Much of the it is now ready for people to shape and decorate as they see fit, like a blank canvas. We’ll be featuring regular work from local artists and Bray Leino people all the time. And one wall, made entirely from cork board, is where people will be encouraged to pin images , thoughts, or anything they’ve found inspiring or interesting.

We also plan to utilise the brilliant new kitchen, drafting in top chefs from time to time to provide culinary excellence for our hard working teams. Also, Bray Leino Lunch Clubs will give Bray people a chance to show off their own cooking prowess.

“We wanted to create an area our people would be happy and comfortable spending time in and the delivery team have excelled," says Fiona Beauchamp, director of Activation at Bray Leino and project leader of The Roost.

"People love it! We christened it with an engagement celebration, there’s a leaving party later this week, and I can’t wait for our first proper sit down dinner or movie night.”


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