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Ready to Beat Malaria

Commonwealth Malaria Summit 2018

For the first time in ten years, the number of global malaria cases is no longer falling. Against a disease that’s estimated to have killed half the human beings who ever lived, our progress has stalled. That’s why being asked to deliver this spring’s Commonwealth Malaria Summit in London, a project with global significance to millions of people, was such a massive responsibility.

As part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government 2018 meeting in London, a whole day was earmarked for heads of state, government leaders, CEOs, charities, community organisers and cultural influencers to come together around the issue.

This moment would be like no other in the centuries-long history of our battle with the disease. For the first time ever, humanity has the insight and the technology to finally beat malaria.

That’s how we devised the creative platform for this project: “Ready to Beat Malaria”, a simple, positive and directional thought that works on a personal level as well as for businesses and governments.

Ready to Beat Malaria – as a statement, it reflects the battle against the disease. As a pledge, it articulates a clear goal and evokes a commitment to action.

Because action is what the Malaria Summit was all about. It was about assembled leaders and dignitaries showcasing new pledges of investment, policy, medicines, technology and equipment in the fight to beat malaria. Financial, political and scientific commitments announced at the Summit totalled £2.9 billion.

These pledges represent a new approach and a new energy to meet the ultimate goal of halving malaria deaths in Commonwealth countries in the next five years. A goal that, if successful, would prevent 350 million cases and save 650,000 lives.

The ‘Ready to Beat Malaria’ concept ran through all the event communications and beyond, into the global World Malaria Day on 25th April.

Beyond creating the core concept, Bray Leino’s specialists were responsible for the planning, design and delivery of the entire Summit – working with Malaria No More’s communications team to design collateral and content, website delivery, venue and staging design, on-site event management and security briefing.

Bray Leino were also responsible for looking after the delegates… Delegates that included 12 Prime Ministers and Presidents, HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duke of York and Bill Gates.

Their pledges could prove a pivotal moment in the fight against Malaria, and Bray Leino are proud to have played a part.

Kate Wills, Communications and Partnerships Director at Malaria No More, said: “We were impressed by Bray Leino’s approach and attitude, their calm and can-do approach, combined with rigorous interrogation of ideas and plans. The development of the 'Ready' concept was a highlight, where the team demonstrated a rapid and impressive understanding of the brief, audience and message.”


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