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Choosing the right format

Across the globe, face-to-face events⁠—especially large-scale activity like conferences and exhibitions⁠—are cancelled. Luke Brown, Managing Director of Bray Leino Events, outlines the digital alternatives to human interaction with Clients and Customers.

Whilst the technology to run virtual events has existed for many years, and audiences are both more attuned and agreeable to joining digital experiences today, a flawless user experience via quality content and seamless delivery is vital. This is particularly pertinent at the moment, as many participants will be in their own homes and so able to switch in and out.

Like with any marketing activity, setting out the key criteria for your virtual event is key to ensuring effective planning and the best possible delivery.

Planning and delivery

For any virtual event of any size or scale, a checklist for best practice starts with:


What is the purpose of the activity?
Why does it need to take place now (during ockdown/restricted movement)?
How does this activity fit into your overall needs or campaigns?


Who is this activity tailored for?
What insight do you have on how they like to digest digital content?
What time zone(s) are they in?

Content What is the content?
How will the activity engage and inspire?
How can content be amplified?
What is the legacy experience?

Which platform is most suitable: informal, formal, professional, or immersive?
How can content be brought to life: video/design/mixed reality (MR)?
What resource and support are required to deliver the strategy effectively?

Outcomes What are the desired outputs, takeaways and immediate/short-term/long-term ROI?


Virtual event platforms

Choosing the right platform and technology is key to achieving a successful virtual experience. Below we outline the four main options, starting with the simplest:

Video Conferences

There’s lots of information available on the best digital platform to use for video conferences, as they’ve become the must have means of communication during lockdown. And they’re also ideal for smaller virtual events.


Most video conference platforms allow multiple people on the screen at any one time, screen sharing, recording, background effects, chat capability, integration with meeting requests and invitations.

Virtual platforms

Bray Leino Events has tested over 20 of the leading virtual event platforms and partnered with a select few who provide the best features and user experiences. 

Mixed Reality

At the cutting edge are mixed reality events – covering virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Holoportation experience, which allow users to share the same space and interact in real time with a virtually mapped product or environment. 

How can Bray Leino help?

Our digital and events specialists are highly experienced in assessing, planning and delivering virtual events using the best platform for your requirements. For further details on our capabilities in this area and how we can help your business stage your events virtually now and in the future, please contact Austen Donnellan, Business Development Director.

Luke leads our Events division, driving and inspiring our 100+ strong team of experts to deliver the best live and virtual events, for Clients as diverse as the Department for International Trade, Her Majesty The Queen and the UK Space Agency. Since lockdown cut a swathe through the live events business globally, Luke has continued to transform our events and digital know-how to support Clients who need to continue to meet their marketing and communications objectives in a socially-distant world.

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