Changing outdoor media to digital

JCDecaux are one of the world's largest outdoor media owners. We began our relationship with them in 2007 when we were briefed to digitise 200 of their flagship 6-sheet poster sites. Today, their digital network has grown to over 400 screens. But going digital meant that new content formats and video assets needed to be created, something JCDecaux and their existing systems weren’t geared up for.

Managing Assets And Process

The biggest challenge of this scale of change would be managing the process. Before a digital media file could be deployed on the network, it needed to be optimised for playback and delivery across a 3G network. The content itself also needed to be checked to ensure it complied with outdoor industry guidelines and landlord agreements.

The stakes were high – with a combined media value in excess of £50M. Dropping the ball on a single asset is not an option.

The Challenges Of Change

Our digital experts relished this challenge and realised immediately that with over 2,000 assets checked and optimised per year, JCDecaux would need something more than screens in their digital media network.

To overcome the resourcing and asset management issues, we developed incharge, a bespoke asset management tool to help manage JCDecaux's digital media campaigns from the moment they’re booked right through to the point of scheduling and delivery.

From the moment JCDecaux create a campaign, Incharge starts to streamline the content retrieval and optimisation process with:

  • work flow tools
  • status monitoring
  • built in logic that automatically sends reminders to help keep the operation running smoothly
  • full audit trail and content archive for repeat bookings
  • analytics – reporting by network or client

The Result?

The digital asset management solution provides JCDecaux with less risk and less stress for everyone involved. If a colleague is off ill for the day, another can easily cover without having to trawl files and emails.

Everyone has access to the campaign status, and automated one click e-mail alerts save time in managing the assets. Interestingly, these auto-alerts have actually reduced the number of e-mails JCDecaux need to manage a campaign from creation to delivery as the management is handled by the system and not by the inbox

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