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We have worked with Intel since 2001, providing digital, creative, strategy and comms support in UK market. Messaging about the benefits of various Intel processors are constantly updated as new models are released. Explaining the benefits and providing paper-based promotional messages into stores is a complex undertaking and one that cannot provide any demonstration of the products. In 2010, we worked in partnership with Intel, Comet and Toshiba to create a cloud-based point of sale channel for Intel and Toshiba products in Comet stores that would offer consumers a video demo of products, as well as provide a centralised point for updating and changing promotional messages. At the same time, this undertaking would also gather important qualitative and quantitative research to further understand consumer response to on-screen pricing and spec information.

Changing From Paper

Our experts from digital, events and activation came together to create the content and network of screens for Comet. We created in-store screensavers and category shelf end-caps, managed and updated completely via a cloud-based service. This would allow SKU prices and promotions to be updated at any time through a secure live feed.

To capture the data we needed for the research part of our brief, we installed sophisticated eye-tracking technology on the end-caps. These devices recorded customer reaction to on-screen price and spec tickets (instead of shelf edge tickets) through an eye tracking technology that measures customer demographic and in-store behaviour.

This system would improve compliance for the brands, letting them know when screen content was updated. As well, the system supported local pricing models and ensured prices and bundle offers were aligned with Comet’s central database.

This gave the brand flexibility and enabled OEM brand differentiation at the point of sale, meaning that Toshiba could deploy content exclusive to their machines. This also eliminated the waiting time for seasonal updates; OEMS could align in-store with their ATL media calendar.

The result?

From the research, we learned that customers responded favourably to on screen, pricing and specs. Specifically, the digital end-caps attracted more attention. When comparing stores with paper tickets and with those on screen tickets, we found:

  • 73% vs. 45% awareness of interactive screen demo in favour of on screen
  • 42% prefer on-screen vs. 7% prefer paper (in on-screen stores)
  • 37% vs. 28% recall of processors in favour of on-screen stores
  • 84% vs. 60% recall of seeing processors related info in favour of on-screen stores

For the brands, we estimated that the remote broadcast capability could save Comet an estimated 10k man hours every screensaver update and the cost of CD / flash drives currently used.

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