Challenging category beliefs

We've created an integrated press and TV campaign to promote Ladival Sun Protection, which is now available in major retailers across the UK. Ladival is a market leader in Europe, now introduced to the UK, and the campaign seeks to challenge UK consumers’ widely-held belief that protection from UV rays alone is sufficient in a sun cream.

This campaign aims to educate consumers on the dangers of Infrared-A, which makes up almost a third of the sun’s rays, penetrates the skin more deeply than UV and causes both short and long-term skin damage.

Ladival is the first mainstream sun care brand to protect against harmful Infrared-A rays, as well as UV-A and UV-B.

Our Healthcare specialists developed Ladival’s UK brand launch strategy, using their detailed sector knowledge to devise a brand proposition and a look and feel that would resonate with the target audience.

The press and TV campaign use a stark visual metaphor of a cracked and weathered face wrought in sand-sculpture to emphasise the damage Infrared-A can wreak on a person’s skin. “Do you know what Infrared-A is doing to your skin?” it asks.

“Although already a leading brand in Europe, Ladival is a challenger in the UK market," says Bray Leino CEO Kate Cox. "So our brief was simple – ensure as many people as possible know they need to protect against Infrared-A rays and make it clear that Ladival offers this protection. Our clear messaging and striking visuals are strategically designed to disrupt the established category conventions to do just that.”

”The launch of Ladival will mark a change in the way the UK thinks about sun protection," adds Ladival Marketing Manager Ed Round.

"If people want the best protection for themselves and their families, they need to choose a product that protects them against the broadest range of the sun’s rays: not only UVA and UVB, but harmful Infrared-A as well. The campaign developed by Bray Leino is not only visually striking; it delivers a serious message to educate consumers on why Infrared Defence is so important.”

Challenging category beliefs

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