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Euro Food Brands

Celebrating 30 years

In 2021 Euro Food Brands celebrates its 30 year anniversary. To mark the occasion, we served up a full page advert in The Grocer recognising the many household names Euro Food Brands has introduced, and looking ahead to another 30 years of success.

Euro Food Brands is a sole distributor for the likes of Barilla, Campbell’s and Galaxy Vegan, bringing the world’s finest foods to the UK and Ireland. We are proud to have been working with this influential Client for nearly two years, across international brands illy coffee, Barilla pasta and sauces, PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers and Nature’s Path organic cereals.

The past 30 years have seen huge changes in consumer tastes and expectations. Thanks to distributors like Euro Food Brands bringing flavours from around the world to our tables, today’s shoppers are more discerning, demanding variety and new experiences. In the midst of a global pandemic and following Britain’s exit from the EU, Euro Food Brands’ role is more important than ever, as consumers rely increasingly on supermarkets to meet their appetite for fresh and exciting culinary opportunities.

Stephen Barlow, Chief Executive Officer at Euro Food Brands says: “In 30 years Euro Food Brands has grown from myself and Michael Adams working out of one room for one initial Client to a team of 70, with more than 650 live products in the market, distributing nearly 17 million cases of product every year. Our partner brands are shaping and catering to the nation’s changing tastes. Working with Bray Leino has helped us begin marketing global products to brand new UK audiences, helping to create demand for and ensure the success of new distribution opportunities.”

We’re delighted to celebrate this important milestone with Euro Food Brands and look forward to a busy and fruitful year. As a special gift to the Euro Food Brands team, we recreated the plate from the print advert as a commemorative memento.

To learn more about the changing tastes of UK consumers, download our 2020 Food & Drink Report. For more information on how we can help drive success for your brand, contact Austen Donnellan, Business Development Director.

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