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Bring your questions to #IgniteB2B

We’ve sponsored and spoken at B2B Ignite for the last five years because it’s Europe's best B2B Marketing show.

This year, we’re running a B2B Clinic. Our top people will be on hand to hear what’s keeping you up at night.

They'll offer advice, a shoulder to cry on, and you’ll also be in with a chance of winning £10,000 towards the cost of our solution*.

Come and speak to us at the show to find out more, or email b2bigniteclinic@brayleino.co.uk to enter the £10,000 draw online.

Brand purpose

On stage in the Insight track after lunch, Katherine Almond, our Head of B2B Strategy, will examine brand purpose.

For B2B businesses, articulating ‘how’ and ‘what’ they do is rarely a problem. But when it comes to defining ‘why’, many seem to suffer a mental block.

Why does your business exist? Katherine will share her insights on how to answer this question, and why the answer is fundamental to marketing, employee engagement and even business strategy.

Come to the show

B2B Ignite is on 10 July. It’s Europe’s premier B2B marketing show, and this year, we’ve got a £100 discount on tickets. To claim your delegate discount, visit https://b2bmarketing.b2b-ignite.net and use the code “Bray100”.

Our Ignite team, Adam, Kate, Katherine, Sam, Nicola and Matt, look forward to seeing you there.


*T&Cs apply.

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