Braun thermoscan


Boosting sales through digital transformation


Braun needed to embark on a full digital transformation of their thermometer marketing across the globe, targeting new parents with their class leading product. ​


Braun’s range of thermometers have transformed the category, combining accuracy and comfort with innovative features, from a brand that consumers trust. Despite Braun's success, a host of new market entrants offering products with similar features presented the brand with challenges. Braun needed to look across its entire customer journey and develop the content, experiences and technology that consumers have come to expect from one of the world's most iconic brands.​


We developed a digital media first strategy, combined with MarTech to drive efficiencies and performance, using a variety of creative collateral and backed by machine learning to ensure significant growth from a modest spend. Four key channels would support growth – search, social, programmatic display and broadcaster VOD – and we used demographic, psychographic and sociographic audience data, tested audience segments, looked at buying signals and then scaled them and expanded across all media channels. ​


27% conversion rate, £5 avg CPA (product cost = £35), 182% increase in sales 2018 vs 2019.

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