Bigfoot family seen throughout Britain

Pretty much every family will have a run-in with verrucas at some point. They spread through changing rooms, showers and other places where people go barefoot. But just imagine the scale of the threat if your family happen to have absolutely massive feet.

Enter the Bigfoot family.

They’re fronting a new campaign for Bazuka, the UK’s no.1 selling verruca and wart treatment brand, which will run from May on TV screens all over Britain.

Created by Bray Leino, the mockumentary-style execution is a perfectly off-beat way to engage people in a subject they might otherwise shy away from, and a great example of using surprising creative to disrupt a low-interest category.

Kate Cox, Bray Leino CEO, says: “‘Bazuka that verruca’ has been a hugely successful line for the brand for many years. This campaign builds on wonderful foundations, retaining the line whilst tonally evolving, adding a layer of humour to the brand. We’re excited to introduce the Big Foot Family to verruca sufferers nationwide!”

Bigfoot Mum says: “If one of us gets a verruca, we know what to do. Bazuka that verruca!”

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