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Devon Day

Being an Agency in #DevonHeaven

In 1974, when two successful London ad-men decided to set up an Agency on the coast of North Devon, it raised a few eyebrows. Fast-forward 43 years, and people are still surprised. But now, instead of fielding the same old questions, we can direct them to our Instagram profile:

“Is there anywhere to eat out?” Yep.

“But what is there to do?” Umm…

“Is it hard to find talented people?” Nope.

“Is it difficult to get to places?” We get everywhere.

“But don’t you miss the city?” Erm, no!

“Isn’t it a bit boring?” Ha!


The truth is, when people visit us, they get it.

Every day, we’re reminded what an incredible part of the world we get to work in, delivering award-winning projects for some of the world’s best-known brands, alongside colleagues in Bristol, London, Chicago and Singapore.

And when we log off, North Devon’s beaches, moors, pubs, restaurants and countryside are our playground.

For a business based on creativity, it’s a dream. There’s masses of inspiration all around us, room to think and space to create.

People move to Bray Leino for the excellent work, the great Clients and for #DevonHeaven. And they stay, on average, far longer than with other agencies.

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