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Application security campaign 2013

Spirent is a global leader in test & measurement, advancing the connected world by testing tomorrow's networks and technologies today. In partnering with standard bodies, independent test labs, and industry forums, Spirent solutions have continued to be the first choice of customers when considering a public test of their products.


Spirent works at the cutting edge of modern technology so their business can very easily become complex and impenetrable for the non-specialist. We needed to keep things simple, consistent and coherent.  We needed to ensure the concept would work for both the hard-core technical specialists who are at the sharp end of testing and the financial directors who approve contracts and judge value. The brief was to create brand awareness and sales for Security Application, through the campaign concepts.

The Idea

Spirent is known for measuring software security testing (i.e the performance and capability of the ‘pipe’ and the devices in the network), now they are promoting "Realism" – this means not only can they test the performance; they can now view, sample and model what type of traffic is in the pipe.

From this, we then developed the initial concept ideas/messaging surrounding the proposition "Countdown to zero day, the day the network died" encompassing a design based around comic books/ old school horror - which strongly emphasised the messaging of Application Security - needing to protect you network, in a unique way.

The results?

The finalised concept has been used both in an online banner advertisement and Spirent’s security landing page, both of which the Client is extremely happy with and due to the strength of the concept will look to use them further in 2013.

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