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A hundred reasons for a brand shake-up

Facing increased competition in a market it had dominated for years, Wylex needed an answer. We found hundreds of them.

Electrical circuit protection manufacturer Wylex has a hard-earned reputation for quality and innovation.

Ahead of a new product launch, with cheaper imports increasingly available and customer budget pressures building, they asked us to help them remind the market why they were number one.

Their long history revealed multiple examples of going above and beyond; a leader in innovation, with impeccable commitment to safety and an impressive record of pre-empting regulatory changes.

It prompted us to ask a question: “Why choose anything less?”

This became the bedrock for a visually unexpected campaign, creatively flexible and immediately recognisable. A way to cement a compelling brand story and land Wylex’s many, many brilliant USPs.  

The campaign is currently running in trade press and online, building towards phase two, a series of product launches scheduled for the New Year.

Bray Leino CEO Kate Cox said: “This idea condenses over 100 years of history into a single campaign, because once you know their story, it’s obvious why a customer would choose Wylex.”

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