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16 years of sparkling success

When we started working with Shloer in 1999, we faced some key challenges. The brand had no real personality, an ageing audience of 60+ women, and was perceived as the drink that the older members of the family brought out ‘for the children’ at Christmas.

We took it onto TV for the first time in 2001 with the iconic flamingo ad.  It made Shloer feel sophisticated, elegant and sociable – made it a drink people wanted, not one they settled for.  Targeting a younger female audience, sales rose 30% and by 2004 Shloer was the leading adult soft drink.

2006 brought a new challenge; Shloer’s strong association with Christmas meant frequency of purchase was less than the category average.

We had to reposition Shloer as THE drink to have at any social occasion, a new brand proposition was born: SPARKLING SOCIABILITY, backed up by a new ATL campaign including TV, press, PR and experiential. As a result, Shloer became seen as a sociable & desirable drink, with stronger associations with BBQs, family get-togethers & celebrations

By 2009 the seasonal reliance on Christmas was improving but our aim was to further increase frequency of purchase throughout the year.

Sundays occupy a warm place in the nation’s heart, traditionally a day for families or good friends to get together over food, rather than just alcohol. Our solution, through sponsorship, experiential, PR, social and POS, was to turn Shloer into a new weekly tradition through close association with existing traditions, particularly Sunday lunch and the great British BBQ.

Reliance on Christmas sales has decreased dramatically over recent years, while research shows the brand is now strongly associated with Sunday meals and special occasions as a perfect accompaniment.

Shloer’s volume sales have increased by more than 40% during our time working together, now reaching over six million UK households annually

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