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Brittany Ferries: Discover the new brand campaign

Brittany Ferries is one of Europe’s leading ferry and holiday operators. The company's new integrated brand campaign builds on last year’s successful activity across TV, digital and press.



The TV commercial continues to position Brittany Ferries as the premium ferry and holiday operator to France and Spain. It features holiday-makers ‘discovering’ new experiences, evoking pleasant nostalgia and reminding customers of the things they love about their holidays.

As Brittany Ferries lead creative agency, we've developed the entire campaign from end-to-end; planning and strategy, through creative and production, to media booking and delivery.

Chaises lounge

“We've built on our ‘any’ brand platform in an inspiring and heart-warming way with this campaign," says Jon Elsom, our Executive Creative Director. "The new TV and cinema spot tempts you to discover things both about France and yourself, alongside digital and print work that delivers travel-bags of emotion underpinned with helpful holiday info.

"The whole campaign look and feel continues to position Brittany Ferries as the premium ferry and holiday operator," he adds. "This isn’t bums on seats advertising, it's derrieres on chaises loungues."   

cut through

Richard Price, Head of Marketing at Brittany Ferries says:
“January remains a key time for planning holidays, especially for families with school age kids, so we want to reach out to this audience with the aim of getting on their radar for both our key destinations and our travel genre. We believe this campaign will do this, whilst the tone and content will help us stand out from our competitors.”