Shopper Marketing

the last mile of the shopper journey

Our group of experts in shopper behaviour don't just deliver inspirational, behaviour changing shopper marketing campaigns that engage customers. They do it right at the moment of truth – the place where marketing turns into transaction.

In-store and POS are crucial touch points. We identify and target shoppers throughout the full shopper journey with sales and added value promotions that stop them in their tracks, including:

  • EBA/ on-pack
  • Tailor-made
  • Limited edition
  • Experiential & sampling
  • Word of Mouth campaigns
  • Ambassador/ advocate programmes
  • Brand partnerships


Changing attitudes toward toast

Changing attitudes toward toast

Keen to increase brand share, Vogel's briefed us to engage with advocates of the brand through which we could introduce the brand to a whole new audience.
Changing Sundays

Changing Sundays

We showed up in stores and at events to win people over to making Sundays, Love Your Shloer Sundays and allowing them to try Shloer for themselves.

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